Axon Therapy® by NeuraLace Medical is a revolutaionary new non-opioid pain management treatment that is FDA-Cleared to treat chronic nerve pain––such as the recurring pain experienced after a limb loss, motor vehicle accident, severe fall, sports injury, localized burn, or certain invasive surgical procedures. It utilizes first-of-it's-kind magnetic pulse technology to activate the pain management fibers in your body, "turning on" your body's natural pain reduction mechanism. Axon Therapy® is coming soon to Pacific Beach Med Spa. Speak to your physician or care provider to see if Axon Therapy® is right for you.

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Axon Therapy® by NeuraLace Medical


Effective, FDA-Cleared, Non-opioid, Non-invasive, Quick,

and Gives Long Lasting Results

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How Axon Therapy® by NeuraLace Medical is Delivered

A clinical expert localizes the site of nerve damage. The Axon treatment head is positioned over the area to target the nerve damage. The Axon device gives 400 magnetic nerve pulses over less about 15 minutes. The patient's new pain score is recorded.

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Axon Therapy® by NeuraLace Medical

Pacific Beach Med Spa will be among the first clinics in the world to offer Axon Therapy.®  Pacific Beach Med Spa is located in PB MED SPA PLAZA, home of San Diego SportsMedicine Physical Therapy, and Dr. Brady Moore of Walk In Chiropractic. Pacific Beach Med Spa Plaza, where you will be able to receive, pain therapy, chiropractic therapy and physical therapy in the same location.

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Dr. Thrush and  Axon Therapy®

by NeuraLace Medical