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BOTOX® is produced from a naturally occurring protein derived from a bacteria. It works by preventing the release of the chemical that contracts muscle to smooth facial lines. Do you have additional questions about the other uses of Botox®? Ask us, we can help!

BEST Tox Value


San Diego!


  • Tox consultations are complimentary

  • Touch ups for brows or asymmetry are complimentary

  • Someone with a doctorate will do your consultation

  • We include a free skin care consultation

  • We offer membership discounts and promotions through our App that can save you money

  • We can treat more than one person at a time

  • We can offer advanced tox injections

  • We also offer fill, threads, skin resurfacing, facials, HydraFacials, microneedling and enhancement programs to keep you looking wonderful.

  • We can include a free BODY SCULPTING consultation with complimentary Styku 3D Body Scan with your cosultation.

  • We sculpt bodies with EMSculpt NEO® to build muscle and reduce fat, EMTone® for body laxity,  Venus Versa ® Diamondpolar® for face and neck laxity, and EMSella® for pelvic muscle build

  • We are also hormone optimization specialists

  • We can add other treatments such as IV hydration with your treatment

  • We have a fabulous location with ample parking

  • Treatments are Individualized

Because facial muscle strength and patient goals vary we do not give pricing without consultation.

Botox® at Pacific Beach Med Spa

Jen Peros, DNP is our master injector for lines and wrinkles. She has a doctorate in nursing practice, 20 years of experience in nursing, and years of experience injecting Botox®. Why settle for someone with lesser training and experience?

Jerry Thrush, MD is our medical director, and does the complex injections for our clinic. He not only has substantial experience injecting Botox®, he has spent about 30 years in emergency rooms and trauma centers repairing wounds, among them complex facial wounds. For that extra touch or to answer unique questions about what benefits advanced injections can offer, book a consultation with Dr. Thrush.