COVID-19 Safety

Safe Reopening Plan Updated 06/24/2021


With floor-to ceiling glass panels, acrylic panels above HydraFacial and IPL stations, and reverse air flow fan in our injection room, we are doing our part to keep you safe.  As we are a medical facility public health mandates require patients and visitors to WEAR A MASK when entering our clinic.  You may remove it as required during treatment. We will give you one before entry if you don't have one.  All patients should CALL FOR APPOINTMENT before arrival, it allows us to keep separation between patients and allows time for disinfecting surfaces.  If you arrive and the outer door is locked, please call!  We might have stepped out.  Also, if you wish a virtual consult, call or email us to arrange it. Would you like curbside pickup? Please call, we're here to help! In accordance with evolving public health governmental mandates and good medical practice COVID-19 Safety Plan is subject to change. Please observe all wall postings in our entry vestibule. Full information below:

NOTE TO VENDORS: All vendors or product reps must also have an appointment at least 24 hours in advance.


Pacific Beach Med Spa COVID-19 Reopening Plan


For Virtual Consultations and Appointments

 Call (858) 240-7097

In adherence to local and regional recommendations we have developed reopening safety protocols to limit transmission of COVID-19. Your safety and health is our priority.  The following is an overview of our COVID-19 Safety Protocols. all protocols are subject to change as local, regional, and national recommendations evolve.

Pacific Beach Med Spa COVID-19 Safety Protocol Overview

Notes For our Guests

  • Make an appointment prior to arrival.

  • Masks are still required for entry into medical facilities. Masks may not be required during treatment.

  • Floor to ceiling glass barriers are in place in front of reception, HydraFacial Lounge, and IV Bar.

  • Six foot separation: As we are a medical facility we still recommend separation even if not required.

  • Expanded waiting area is provided where patients can comfortably sit and remain distanced.

  • Facial Injection Safety. During facial injections in our injection room, the provider will wear a mask, and activate the exhaust fan to blow room air outside.

  • Nitrous Oxide. When nitrous oxide is in use, an in-line air filter will be used.

  • Surface decontamination. We will wipe down the treatment areas, equipment, and any frequently touched surfaces with medical grade cleaning agents between patient visits and throughout the day.



Notes About our Staff

  • Staff COVID-19 Vaccines are required.

  • Staff health screening will be undertaken before each shift. If any of our staff members have a temperature of 100º F or above, or are exhibiting any signs associated with COVID-19, we will send them home.


Curbsidee Pickup


Curbside Pickup is available for skin products upon request and with pre-payment. Just place your order by phone and we will have your products ready for pick-up. When you arrive, simply park on our on grade parking lot behind the clinic. Please call the reception to notify us you have arrived. While we will do our best to bring the products to you right away, please understand if there is a delay because of patient treatment. Please do not park in our underground lot for deliveries; we are not able to deliver to the underground lot.

Pacific Beach Med Spa Clinic COVID-19 Operational Protocol

  • Prepare for your clinic visit

    • Call First! All appointments must be made and confirmed by phone or text.

    • Fill out ALL paperwork online before your visit, including our COVID-19 Consent.If you need help, ask. We are delighted to help.

    • Pay first by phone when possible. If your are unable, or have additional treatment you may pay at the time of treatment by holding your card up to glass barrier for card entry by staff.

    • Be Prepared for Questions: All patients should expect to be asked about illness before they can come to the clinic. If you have current or recent illness you may be rescheduled.

    • Bring your own mask. Masks are required for all patients when inside our clinic except as required during treatments.

    • For any treatments of the face, please remove all make-up before arrival. It speeds your treatment.

    • Family members and guests cannot be accommodated in our treatment area.

    • Do not bring children under age 12 to the clinic, we are unable to accommodate them in the treatment area, and they cannot wait unattended in the waiting room.


  •  When you arrive at our clinic

    • Receptionist will ask questions again about your recent health before you come in, if you have worrisome symptoms your appointment will be rescheduled.

    • Receptionist will indicate when we can accommodate you in the reception area

      • If no answer, proceed to clinic foyer and wait for reception to motion you to the glass barrier. Remain 6 feet from other patients. If staff are occupied, please press the RING button to the right of our entry and take a seat in our additional waiting area to the right.

  • Upon Arrival to Clinic Foyer

    • Mask: As above, because we are a medical facility, we are in compliance with requirements that patients must have a mask in place that covers both nose and mouth when entering our facility. If you are vaccinated and in a treatment area your mask may be removed as required.

    • Wash hands: All patients must wash hands with waterless hand wash in clinic foyer before admittance to treatment area. Staff must verify hand wash. You may prefer to use your own waterless hand wash or wash with soap and water for 20 seconds. We will ask you to wash again if you touch your face.

    • Wait for receptionist or provider. You will be waived to the window. One person may come to the window at a time. If no one is at the window, Please press the doorbell button on the wall, and someone will answer shortly.

    • Temperature Check: Your temperature will be checked upon entering the spa by contactless thermometer. If your temperature is 100º F or above, or if you have symptoms that may be related to COVID-19 you will be rescheduled.

    • Six Feet Apart. All patients that do not live in the same household should distance if required by public health recommendations.


  • Walk-in Service.

    •  Please call from your vehicle, before coming up if possible.  We are delighted to work you into our schedule as it allows.


Please call us at 858-240-7097 or e-mail us at for questions

Our Reception Desk

Floor to ceiling glass wall for your protection


Our IV Bar
Floor to ceiling glass wall for your protection

Our Foyer
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