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Dr. Jerry Thrush

Jerry Thrush, MD

Medical Director

Dr. Jerry Thrush received his Doctor of Medicine degree from Stanford University and has been in practice for thirty five years. He is a residency-trained, board-certified specialist in emergency medicine, has additional training in in cosmetic dermatology and cosmetic dermatological techniques as well as diving and hyperbaric medicine at the NOAA facility in Seattle. Although he practiced emergency medicine for about 30 years, he has returned to his passion and his field of research while at Stanford –aesthetics. Dr. Thrush is a member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, and was named as the 2013 Who's Who Among International Professionals Worldwide Emergency Medicine Industry Professional of the Year. Allow Dr. Thrush and his team to unlock your natural beauty and wellness using minimally invasive, non-surgical, high-tech techniques.


"I began my own journey in medicine with interest in trauma, as well as plastic surgery. I became an EMT before medical school, then, while in medical school at Stanford I did research in the plastic surgery department in the same lab where the first facial filler, Zyderm, was developed.  Following medical school, I became a board-certified emergency physician and taught emergency medicine as a faculty physician at Loma Linda University Medical Center, where I became Director of EMS. Later, I moved to San Diego and practiced emergency medicine for decades on staff at Sharp Memorial Hospital.

In the emergency department, my favorite thing to do was to repair complex facial lacerations to make people look great once more after facial trauma. And, I became quite good at it.


Now, I have combined my research interest in plastics with my substantial experience in management of facial trauma, with further training in minimally invasive cosmetic techniques. Subsequently I have become expert at using layered facial fillers, selectively using threads, combined with light and radiofrequency energy to unlock natural beauty, and restore youthful appearance. 


My team and I look forward to meeting you and guiding you on your journey to beauty and health."

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