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This image shows a medical professional in black scrubbs treating a relaxed appearing woman with the Venus Versa IPL machine.

We treat active acne and acne scars with a customized plan that usually uses multiple modalities for best results. We believe that machine and mechanical treatments offer advantages over drug treatments.


Venus Versa™ Dual Band IPL is used to reduce acne gently and effectively. One bandwidth of light destroys acne-causing bacteria and the second is used to reduce acne-related inflammation. This treatment requires a consultation and skin typing to be sure you are a candidate.

Microneedling and P # R # P # as well as mechanical subscision may help with your acne scars.


Dr. Thrush's Timeless Touch Acne Care Kit, is also available really helps! We also offer additional customized skin care recommendations during our consultation.

Call us today to schedule a complimentary consultation for your acne or acne scars!

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