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EMSELLA® Changes Lives
urinary urgency & incontinence
EMSELLA® Enhances sexual function

Best Value


San Diego!


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  • EMSella® DEMO is complimentary during your consult after medical clearance

  • We are also bio-identical hormone optimization specialists This can further enhance your sexual health

  • We can add other treatments such as IV hydration with your treatment

  • We have a fabulous location with ample parking

  • Treatments are individualized and private

Because symptoms and goals vary we cannot give pricing without consultation. We will provide you the best value. If you have a written  offer that includes EMSella treatment from a competitor, bring it to your consultation and well will do our very best to offer you a higher value!

Results and patient experience may vary. As with any medical procedure, ask us if the EMSELLA® chair is right for you. EMSELLA® is intended for non-invasive improvement of pelvic floor muscular tone. It is FDA cleared for improving incontinence in both men and women, and new studies show it improves sexual health. All rights reserved. EMSELLA® is a registered trademark in the United States of America, the European Union, or other countries. The products, the methods of manufacture or the use may be subject to one or more U.S. or foreign patents or pending applications. Trademarks EMSCULPT®, EMSCULPT NEO®, EMSELLA®, EMTONE®, EMBODY®, and HIFEM® are parts of EM™ Family of products. *Data on file.

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