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The EMTONE Logo with the words "TONED, NOT TEXTURED" AND "TREATS MAJOR FACTORS OF CELLULITE" with an image of a woman in a short dress and black high heels sitting with her legs crossed, demonstrating her toned legs.
EMTONE® logo in two tones of blue with the words, "EMTONE®"

EMTONE® by BTL Aesthetics treats cellulite and laxity (loose skin) with no down-time or injections!

Highest Body Sculpting Value


San Diego!


  • Body sculpting consultations are complimentary

  • Someone with a doctorate will do your consultation

  • We have EMSculpt NEO® for muscle build and fat removal,  EMSella® for pelvic muscle build, and Venus Versa ® Diamondpolar® for face and neck laxity

  • We are also hormone optimization specialists

  • We can add other treatments such as IV hydration with your treatment

  • We have a fabulous location with ample parking

  • Treatments are Individualized

Because body types and goals vary we cannot give pricing without consultation. Customized packages give you the best value and best results for your spend.

The EMTONE machine by BTL is used to tighten the skin and its underlying tissue while also addressing the 5 main causes of cellulite dimpling: loss of skin elasticity, enlarged fat chambers, metabolic waste retention, poor blood flow, and the fibrous bands (septae) that dimples the skin. 

The machine is FDA-cleared to treat cellulite without surgery or invasive procedures. Pair it with EMSculpt NEO for even more exceptional results. 


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