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Dr. Thrush is an expert at non-surgical jaw augmentation, also referred to as non-surgical mandible enhancement. And it can take several forms:

To feminize the female jaw, we often inject filler to create a more feminine or delicate jawline. Such a jawline features more gentle angles on the side profile and tapering inward at the bottom for the front profile. The female chin is more rounded and delicate; this all part of a youthful female face. By carefully placing filler, we can make the jaw more feminine as well as relax the lines at the corners of the mouth.

Many men want a more masculine jawline. Such jawlines are more square or broad at the chin, more right angled at the corner of the jaw on side profile, and more straight up and down from the front view. By carefully placing filler, we can create a stronger, more masculine jaw line.

It is important to know that we can not only use filler, but we can use jaw-line neurotoxin to feminize the jaw in women as well as sharpen the jawline in both sexes. Remember Nefertiti, the ancient Egyptian queen with the slender neck? Jawline neurotoxin can often bring a jawline towards this look. For fullness under the jaw, we may inject a natural molecule that occurs in the human body to permanently remove the excess fat. Schedule your jaw line enhancement consultation today.


Remember, cosmetic consultations are complimentary, and sculpted jawlines are priceless!


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