Non-Surgical Facelift

Look Younger Now, Without a Scalpel

We use an individualized program of barbed threads, smooth threads, layered fillers and neurotoxin to roll back the clock, all without a scalpel or general anesthesia. If you want to shed more years, we can add skin resurfacing with microneedling, modulate color irregularities with IPL (depending on your skin type), smooth with fractional radiofrequency, and tighten with deeper radiofrequency; or we use a combination treatment that we developed called, the Timeblaster™

A Partial Lift

A Patient's Results in Two Weeks


A Full Lift

Screen Shot 2021-12-29 at 4.18.49 PM.png

"This changed my life..."

Barbed Threads

IMG_3289 2.HEIC

Smooth Threads