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Permanent Makeup Health Clearance & Info

Before booking your appointment, please read our policy and client clearance conditions. A signed consent is required before any permanent makeup (PMU) procedures. Note: Neglecting to adhere by our policies and conditions may result in a forfeiture of your deposit and your appointment could be canceled 


Policy: We Cannot work on you if:


  • You are under the age of 18 without a guardian consent and present

  • You are taking prescription blood thinning medications

  • You have skin conditions such as as eczema, psoriasis, infections, or cancer in or near the area of work

  • You are having chemotherapy or radiation treatments

  • Have rashes, sunburns, or blisters on the area being worked on

  • You have blood transmitted diseases such as Hepatitis or HIV

  • You are pregnant or breast feeding

  • You have diabetes or other uncontrolled medical conditions

  • You are taking medications such as: Accutan®, Proactiv® or steroids, they make skin sensitive

  • You have history of cold sores from herpes simplex, we are working on your lips, and you are not taking a preventive medication before and for a few days after




Lasts: 2 - 4 years


Stop using any harsh skin products such as Acutane or Proactiv 6 months before the procedure


No Botox, Fillers, Microdermabrasions, Chemical Peels or anything like that for at least one month before and after session.


Avoid Alcohol at least 24 hours before appointment.



Lasts: 1 - 2 years


Please exfoliate and keep lips hydrated leading to day of appointment. Having dry chapped lips will result in needing to reschedule and you will forfeit your deposit.


Your lips cannot have blister or cold sores, please consult with a doctor to treat area before your appointment.


Wait at least 4 weeks before and after for any lip fillers



Lasts: 2 - 4 years

You cannot be treated if you have pink eye, must be completely healed before appointment.


If you have had laser eye surgery or an eye lift, you must wait at least 3 months  form procedure before your eyeliner appointment.


Eyelash extensions must be removed prior to appointment and may be worn once liner is healed


After PMU Appointment & HOME CARE

Immediately after PMU will appear much darker and due to oxidation will fade around 30-40%. Any redness or swelling will disappear after about 48 hours.


Around the third day  some flaking may occur, DO NOT PICK AT IT, doing so may result in patchy pigmentation. 


At 4-8 weeks PMU will be completely healed and whatever pigment adjustments that are needed will be made during touch up.




  • Wash Brows GENTLY once each day with antibacterial soap for 7 days.

  • Put balm on 3 times a day or when needed

  • DO NOT pick, rub or scratch 

  • Avoid makeup and direct sunlight for 14 days after session

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